wwinspectorAnyone who has walked in the city at night will have unavoidably peered through a perfectly framed front room window, at the inviting warmth of the scenes from within.

Human curiosity I guess…not to stand there gawking intrusively, of course, but fleeting views of life as you make your way home to the warmth of your own homestead. 


It’s no wonder then, that it was a winter night stroll which became the spark of an ingenious community project in Bristol by creator Lucy Reeves Khan called Window Wanderland.  The concept is so simple and beautiful, that since the inaugural event in 2015 it has grown year on year to become one of the highlights of the winter months for many communities in Bristol and beyond.

Akin to the many art trails that pepper Bristol throughout the year, Window Wanderland encourages neighborhoods to organise a “night trail” of sorts that allows people to use their very own front windows as public exhibition spaces and light boxes for the amusement and joy of everyone in their communities.

As Lucy’s site describes it “streets being alive with people looking at different displays, snap-shots of life like a cat asleep on a sofa, a TV playing a favourite film, disco lights or even live music.  It strengthened her belief in the power of people, of play, and that everyone has at least one creative bone in their body even if they can’t see it. It is accessible to everyone, easy to take part in and a unique way to get to know your neighbours.”

“It’s an opportunity for you to ‘WANDER‘: go down roads never been down, alleyways you didn’t know existed, feel proud of where you live. You can say anything you want, make something out of anything you want and the best bit is, you don’t have to buy anything.  By enabling neighbourhoods to make their own event, we aim to encourage those who feel isolated in their communities to participate, so that everyone can join in the fun.”

Check out the Window Wanderland wedsite, to see if there is a trail near you. Or better yet, if there isn’t one already register an event in your neighbourhood today.

This weekend alone there were 6 trails in Wiltshire, Greater London, Chandos, Glasgow and of course Bristol.  We were amongst the hundreds who braved the winter cold and rain to see the amazing displays our friends and neighbours have created at the Ashton, Bedminster & Southville Trail this weekend.

In celebration of where we live, we will also be putting on a window display This coming WEEKEND on the 4th – 5th and 11th – 12th March.  If your walking past on St Johns Lane in Bemmie check our display out.