Wow.  Our Bristol illustration is the cover for the Bristol 2017 Official Visitor Guide.  We’re so humbled and honored to represent the city we love in this way.

The cover reflects our original illustrated travel poster of Bristol, with a slightly tweaked composition to work within the page dimensions of the visitor guide.  You can learn more about all the various elements which are included in the illustration here on an earlier post.  You can view the complete guide online here.


The inspiration for the illustration.

When we moved to the UK many years ago, we didn’t really have a clear plan as to where we would live.  We wanted to first travel a bit, but beyond that – nothing.  That was until we visited Bristol for the day.  It was the perfect Bristol summers day.  Hot air balloons danced across a pure blue sky.  In the parks and along the river, cider and conversation was being enjoyed.  The city had an energy that resonated.  We had found where we wanted to live.


All these years later (coupled with discovering the work of Charley Harper and drawing the St Helena Island posters) Robin decided to create a illustrated Bristol poster as a small personal way to celebrate the city we both continue to love.  Included are the iconic things of Bristol, along with a few personal references of times spend across the city.  Like enjoying a picnic under Cabot Tower, or a cheeky cider along the river watching the swans, or simply gazing at the hot air balloons float by – which is always a delight. All these are drawn in bright shades, hoping and wanting to reflect the energy and colour of Bristol.


We will forever be humbled and grateful to be on the cover of the Bristol 2017 Official Visitor Guide.  Thank you Destination Bristol for the honor.


If you like the illustration, you can buy the poster here.